Jeannette  Lockman
Painter Painting Seascape
Jeannette Lockman
Professional Artist

Color, movement and texture are often considered the trademark features of a Jeannette Lockman painting. Jeannette started painting at a young age inspired by her mother’s beautiful artworks. Jeannette always had a desire to be artistic like her mother and would create her own exclusive artwork. She was often favorably requested to make drawings of characters for friends at school. Later on, she would experiment with murals and created some very appeasing scenarios, receiving many compliments and requests.

As Jeannette studied the master painters of history, she passionately admired their works and was personally inspired to challenge her own artistic skills. Soon, she became admired for her startlingly accurate reproductions of the iconic French impressionist paintings. The signature that Jeannette places on her paintings is notably Janet (Ja-nay), which was nicknamed by her family because of a painting she mastered by the famous artist "Monet". Increasingly, she was asked by collectors to paint other works from famous painters. However, she found it satisfying seeking her own artistic voice and vision that embodied her creativity and imagination. After studying at the Crealde School of Art, Lockman's distinct style began to emerge.

Jeannette's creations are clearly eye-catching and greatly alluring to touch. Her unique feature of her paintings is driven by her desire to appeal by utilizing vibrant colors with a unique-textured style. "I know it's taboo, but I actually love when people want to touch my paintings".
Artwork by Jeannette Lockman is truly an adventure and many collectors have bonded with her paintings.

She says that art can tell a story, but most of her paintings portray an array of feelings that may tell one’s story. She says, “Does it make you smile or laugh? Does it make the painted subject reachable? Does it remind you of some experience? Does it inspire you, or just make you feel good? Does it tell your own story?” "My intent and satisfaction is that viewers will relate to my works and trigger their imagination further more."

Many of her art pieces are currently displayed at an Orange Co. Sheriff's Dept. substation where she receives accolades for giving a lively and colorful boost to the once long bare hallways.

She is constantly driven to painting and to expand in her creativity. Ultimately, she is greatly motivated by the joy her paintings have given people…their expression of smiles and excitement to display her art in their special place.

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Notable quotes:"From the first time, I saw a Jeannette Lockman work, I fell in love with the imagery and heavy texture. I am happy to see that her work has the same effect on our collectors," said Andrew Hyder - Curator, Hyder Gallery Center of Fine Art - Sanford Florida.
Moon Rock Path


Fish Tail Out of Water

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Caribbean Princess

Aging-Good Times

Diva Mia - Trigger Fish - (SOLD)

Red Neon Grouper Fred-SOLD

Lioness of the Sea

Brite-Armored Seahorse

Pearl s  Ledge

Blue Fish - Red Fish Movin

Diva Mia - Trigger Fish-2 GICLEE


Bullseye Crew


The Wrasse and The Shrimp

Alluring Teaze-SOLD; Giclee

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Eye of the Panther - (Sold)

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Eye of the Panther- GICLEE

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Diva Mia - Trigger Fish-2


Crabby Ike on Alert


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Birds of a Feather- SOLD

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3 Birds in Paradise

2 Birds in Paradise

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Prancing Jellies (SOLD)

Who Dat?

Bird to Bird in Paradise

Crabby Ike on Alert

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Sunset Reflections - sold

Alluring Tease

Celebration Flower

To The Eye of the Beholder

Lone Sunflower

Synergy Bound

Hawaiian Floral

Blue Fish-Red Fish  - Movin

Moon Rock Path
Painting: Acrylic on Canvas

Very textured and colorful...a visualization of a rocks along a path under the light of the moon.

Original Work:
Height 15" x Width 30" x Depth 1.5"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID JL_0043
This is an original work.
Showing: All Galleries

Price:  $ 600.00   [ Buy it local ]
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Glowing florescent throughout with a blacklight

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