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Nancy Abramson
A graduate of Northeastern University, she’s led a multi-facetted career path so far as an artist, an entrepreneur and as CFO for several New York-based corporations. Nancy is a highly qualified scuba diver and has been diving for over 15 years. She has a passion for our natural world and the beings that occupy it, with a particular love for our watery world and its inhabitants. Dad bought her first camera as a child and she’s been taking pictures ever since. Her work has been exhibited in New York City, North Carolina and Florida.

Doris Abramson
A graduate of Adelphi University and Columbia University, she, too, has had a varied career. Doris established an exceptional career in health care and has assumed positions from bed-side nursing to several Directorships. Doris had recently discovered her artistic talents. She is an accomplished artist, producing her works in oil and acrylic paints. She has medalled in art competitions and has exhibited in art galleries. Doris teams with Nancy and Bill to produce some terrific photographic work.

Bill Abramson
Bill is graduate of Hofstra University and The State University of New York at Stony Brook. His expertise is in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. He is known internationally as a pioneer in CAD/CAM technology. He has founded and headed a major international users’ group focused on PLM technology. He worked in the aerospace industry for 31 years. Bill has been a photographer for almost 40 years. When asked what area of photography do you specialize in, the response is whatever ‘warms the cockles of my heart’ :) Bill has been published, successfully competed in state-wide (North Carolina) events, been acknowledged by photographer organizations and has exhibited in a variety of locations (galleries, shows and restaurants).
Spoonbill at Merritt Island


Heavenly Rays

A Golden Sunset

The 12 Apostles

Magic at sunset


Fascinating clouds in a bright blue sky

Water rushing across the rocks

White water across the base of a waterfall

The Falls

Ocean Panoramic

The 12 Apostles

Bottoms up!

Mother and Baby

Clouds over peaceful waters

This Great White is my friend

Cruising into Haiti

Merritt Island, all dressed up

Whale Shark is greeting us


Looking for lunch

The Beauty of Coral


Incredible fruit on display

My baby is an angel

Ecuadorian plums

Our Mexican Turtle

Spoonbill at Merritt Island
Photograph : Photograph on metal

Spoonbill posing for us in the Merritt Island nature preserve.

Original Work:
Height 20" x Width 16"
Year Produced: 2016
Inventory ID BA_0018
This is an original work.
Showing: All Galleries

Price:  $ 150.00   [ Buy it local ]
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This Spoonbill was looking right at me while we were at the Bird-watchers; Gathering in the Merritt Island Preserve.

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